Litigation and Controversy


CHLY & Partners has an outstanding reputation when it comes to litigations and arbitrations. The Firm's lawyers have been extensively involved in all species of civil, criminal and administrative law proceedings.

We recognize time is always of the essence and therefore, we must possess the ability to resolve disputes not only correctly but also quickly. To best represent a client, not only do we thoroughly understand the ins and outs of a client matter and research all the relevant laws in detail, but also carefully evaluate the environment in which the client carries on its business.

In the course of a dispute resolution process, a client is presented with all available options and counseled in every aspect of the case. Clients are provided with clear information with which clients can truly consider their options. Even in a fast-paced case, we will strenuously preserve precious time for our clients so that they can carefully evaluate their options.

Many of our litigation and dispute resolution team members have studied abroad and obtained advance degrees from outstanding foreign law schools. These academic achievements and foreign experiences have amplified our litigation and arbitration practice with an addition of legal “radar screen,” which oftentimes reveals another dimension of thinking over the local laws and the prevailing interpretations, resulting in substantial advantages in our client's favor.

In seeking a just and favorable conclusion of a matter, we always keep our client's best interests in mind, knowing when to bring about a fight and when to put on the brake for a compromise. We appreciate the bottom lines of a client's business and recognize the victory of a protracted litigation may not be desirable on the balance of all considerations. To this end, our lawyers will report to clients if a suitable alternative to protracted litigation arises, be it an opportunity for settlement, mediation or arbitration.


Our lawyers are intensely involved in a wide array of industry sectors including:


    • Capital Markets 
    • Consumer 
    • Energy, Power & Utilities 
    • Financial Institutions 
    • Government Procurement 
    • High Technologies 
    • Industrials 
    • Infrastructure Projects (Private Investment in Public Sector) 
    • Insurance 
    • International Trade & Unfair Trade Practices 
    • Life Sciences & Biotechnology 
    • Media & Entertainment 
    • Pharmaceuticals 
    • Real Estate and Construction 
    • Semiconductor 
    • Shipping & Maritime 
    • Telecommunications