The philosophy of CHLY & Partners is our commitment to safeguarding and advocating the rights and interests of our clients, which results in the long-term total solution to a client's legal requirements consistent with the long-term perspective of the client and/or its objectives.

In addition to the rationales underpinning each of the Firm's four (4) core values, we emphasize that lawyers at CHLY & Partners must not lose sight of the full spectrum of a client's overall objectives, resulting in the loss of a real, sensible solution that comports with the objectives of the client. Consequently, in representing clients in court, we understand sometimes a favorable outcome may come at a price too steep or a time too late, which may not be in the best interest of the client. Seizing a potential opportunity to a speedy resolution in the form of settlement or alternative dispute resolution (ADR) whenever a practical settlement instead of a protracted court fight makes business sense.

As a premier provider of legal services, the Firm devotes its full effort and attention to protecting our clients' rights and interests in view of the real objectives and recovery horizon acceptable to the clients. We advise our clients of the options and alternatives, recommend cutting-edge strategies, and apprize our clients of the progress of their case. In addition, CHLY & Partners endeavors to provide its clients with a preliminary analysis report at the earliest possible stage to allow the clients to make informed decisions regarding possible course of action and/or opportunities for settlement, and encourages total client involvement at every step of their case, regardless of whether it is a court or transactional matter.

In a society where rapid change is the rule, not an exception, the lawyers at CHLY & Partners are required to keep abreast of the new developments in their respective fields, adopt new thinking, and acquire new skills to pursue excellence. To that end, our lawyers regularly meet to discuss topics of interest and significant developments in the Firm's practice areas. In order for our clients to place themselves in a better position to understand the implications of possible courses of action, the Firm's lawyers would be pleased to go the extra mile by providing lectures and seminars on any particular topic of interest. Topics featured in these seminars are structured to make complex legal issues accessible by the clients.