Founded in 1995 in Taipei, CHLY & Partners has grown to a firm with a solid team of high-caliber attorneys and counselors. Each of its lawyers is intensely interested in the practice of law and well regarded in their respective practice areas. Prior to joining this Firm, many of our partners had spent many years with recognized law firms, government agencies or private organizations, bringing a host of valuable expertise and industrial knowledge to the Firm. The diverse backgrounds of the Firm's lawyers coupled with the depth of their legal expertise and breadth of industrial knowledge produce a vigorous and proactive atmosphere for the pursuit of excellence in the service of the Firm's clients.

CHLY & Partners is a full service law firm with its particular strengths in corporate mergers and acquisitions, finance and securities, intellectual property, litigation and alternative dispute resolution, government procurement, labor and employment, real estate and construction, tax and restructuring.

The goal of CHLY & Partners is to find new and innovative ways to fulfill the legal requirements of its clients. The work product of its lawyers is a result of dedication to client matters, effective client communication, in-depth legal research, and commitment to excellence. The solid performance of the Firm's lawyers and their track records has set the Firm apart as a prominent law firm in Taiwan.

CHLY & Partners has successfully represented not only individuals but also a wide range of businesses ranging from SMEs to publicly traded companies, from traditional manufacturing to high technology firms and from media to financial services. CHLY & Partners has the capacity and expertise to take on complex litigation cases as well as fast-paced transactional matters, and is able to respond in a professional and highly competent manner. The depth of our professional acumen and breadth of industrial knowledge enable us to diagnose any particular legal issue encountered with precision and speed, resulting in winning strategy and total solution.