CHLY & Partners adheres to a set of core values. All our lawyers, specialists and other employees are constantly reminded of the importance of these core values, which we cherish as the cornerstone of our practice. These core values help us remember who we are and what we set out to do. Our core values are excellence, integrity, enthusiasm and long-term total solution. 




Each of the lawyers of CHLY & Partners has outstanding academic qualifications and some have obtained advanced degrees in foreign institutions of international recognition. Moreover, each of our lawyers has a long-standing commitment to the pursuit of excellence in his or her professional career. When we take on a client mater, whether a litigious or non-litigious matter, we make every effort to ensure even the smallest detail is looked after and the work product is of the highest quality. The core value of excellence requires each of the Firm's lawyers to impose on him-or-herself a high standard of quality which assures the expectations of a client will not only be met but in the meantime exceeded.

At CHLY & Partners, we understand that knowledge is the foundation for the pursuit of our core value of excellence, and knowledge, in a professional area such as law in particular, may become outdated in no time in today's fast-changing world. Obviously the pursuit of excellence cannot be attained if knowledge is not adequately maintained and updated. The Firm not only maintains a wealthy collection of books and periodicals but also organizes/compiles past precedents for future reference purposes. The abundance of this information greatly reduces the need to build a case from the ground up and/or the time that would otherwise have to be taken to respond to a particular situation.

The core value of excellence requires our lawyers to regularly meet to discuss significant events and/or developments in the law and to keep themselves up to date on the specific practice areas. To acquire new knowledge and sharpen their skills, the lawyers at CHLY & Partners periodically attend educational seminars and workshops. Each of our lawyers has a direct internet access and subscribes to various online publications to keep abreast of new developments in their respective fields.

The core value of excellence requires there be a senior person charged with the overall responsibility to supervise the work and assure the ultimate quality of the work product. To ensure that each senior person have sufficient time devoted to each of the Firm's client matters, special attention is given to the allocation of working individuals to an assignment and the workloads of these individuals involved in such assignment.



When CHLY & Partners takes on a client matter, the client can be rest-assured of the integrity and loyalty of the Firm's lawyers. Our lawyers will represent a client to the best of our ability, which will be measured by the best interest of the client on the basis of one client at a time. We make every effort to ensure none of our lawyers has any conflict of interest prior to taking on a new client. We understand potential conflicts of interest can crop up over time and make a conscious effort to prevent such from arising in the future. In the unlikely event if we should be concerned with any potential conflict of interest arising while serving a client, we will immediately disclose such situation to the client to seek any possible resolution. Under no circumstances will we represent a client when our loyalty may be cast into doubt. We believe integrity is the key to win the trust from our clients and that trust is crucial to a successful attorney client relationship.




Enthusiasm is the key to client care and the proactive attitude. Emotions may dramatically affect a lawyer's ability to represent and/or counsel a client. CHLY & Partners places great emphasis on the level of enthusiasm with which a lawyer fulfills his or her duty to represent and/or counsel clients. To be sure, the lawyers at CHLY & Partners have the necessary enthusiasm to take on and carry out an assignment, we spare no efforts to ensure proper morale in our workplace and a perfect balance of professional and private life in our people, which we believe will provide an ambient environment that elevates the interest of our lawyers in client matters, resulting in the increased confidence level of our clients in our people.


Long-term Total Solution


CHLY & Partners emphasizes the importance of delivering a long-term total solution to its clients. The enabling factor of delivering such a solution requires the longer term understanding of the client’s business and business objectives as well as a vision that total solution cannot be successfully delivered unless legal solution is part of a long-term business solution. A legal solution that creates a short-term problem fix but transpires into a longer-term problem is not a solution. A long-term solution depends on a fuller perspective of a client's business and its objectives, and the cultivation of a long-term relationship coincides with such a vision, which we believe yields greater rewards than short-term gains. The lawyers at CHLY & Partners invest their time and resources in the long-term good of our clients, fostering goodwill for the years to come.